Pre-insulated tube

Pre-insulated tube specification:

  • 1Outer sheath  (PVC, 2mm thickness)
  • 2Fabric  (0.2mm thickness)
  • 3Aluminum foil belt  (0.05mm thickness)      
  • 4Inner insulating layer  (1.2mm thickness)  
  • 5316SS bare tubing  (size is according to client)     
  • 6Aluminum foil belt  (0.05mm thickness)
  • 7Outer insulating layer  (8mm thickness) 

General design of our pre-insulating tube: Including: 1 bare tubing, 2 layer of insulating, 2 aluminum foil belt, 1 fabric and 1 outer sheath.

Taking 1/2” x 0.035” SS316L bare tubing for example, the sizes are as follows:

  • A: 10.92mm
  • B: 12.7mm
  • C: 15mm
  • D: 32mm
  • E: 36mm

Material specification:

  • Outer sheath: Flame retardant nitrile butadiene soft plastic sheath, which has the characteristics of corrosion & acid protection, high elasticity, cold resistant, high strength and high finish. The applicable environment temperature of outer sheath: -40 ~ 105℃;
  • Fabric: A layer of fabric with the thickness of 0.2mm was would on aluminum foil tape, which can effectively reduce the temperature effect of material internal and external sheath catheter.
  • Aluminum foil belt: The glass fiber winding a layer of 0.05mm, width 30mm-thick aluminum foil belt, and it has a temperature returning effect.
  • Inner insulating layer: It is filled with fiber glass rope. High flammability, high oxygen index, non halogen, low smoke, non toxic, high corrosion resistance, non hygroscopic, a certain tensile strength, high temperature resistant, fire resistant, heat conductivity 0.041~0.049 W/m·K, moisture rate≤5%, applicable temperature -100~400℃.
  • 316SS conduit: Conduit aperture size (AxB) (usual sizes are OD: 1/4”, 3/8”, 1/2”, 3/4”, WT:0.035””, 0.049”, 0.065”), it has the corrosion and temperature resistance effecting to ensure the stable matter property, carbon content≤0.08, extension strength≥515MPa, yield strength≥205MPa. (detail info for 316SS conduit please check the data “MTC-316L tubing”)
  • Outer insulating layer: Glass fiber cloth is used tightly wrapping around the inner layer (more than 25 layers) to ensure the stable matter property in conduit. Low density, small heat conductivity, anti corrosion, flame resistant. High-temp glass wool has long and thin fiber and arranged in the vertical way with heat transfer direction, which can do reduce the hot loss effectively. Heat conductivity 0.041~0.049 W/m·K, applicable temperature -100~400℃, moisture rate≤5%.

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