Pre-insulated tube

Pre-insulated tube specification: 1、Outer sheath  (PVC, 2mm thickness) 2、Fabric  (0.2mm thickness) 3、Aluminum foil belt  (0.05mm thickness)       4、Inner insulating layer  (1.2mm thickness)   5、316SS bare tubing  (size is according to client)      6、Aluminum foil belt  (0.05mm thickness) 7、Outer insulating layer  (8mm thickness)  General design of our pre-insulating tube: Including: 1 bare tubing, 2 layer of insulating, 2 aluminum foil …

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(Super) Duplex stainless steel

(Super)Duplex Stainless Steel Presentation Superior (Cl-) corrosion resistance,Excellent stress corrosion resistance ability; Excellent Pitting corrosion and Crevice corrosion performance.Comprehensive mechanical properties; Good welding performance; Key technology:Heat Treatment Pipe making technology,make pipe metal tissue density,grain refining.Good surface quality, comprehensive performance better,uniform performance; Delivered to Saudi Arabia National water company Seawater desalination Project; Delivered to CGNPC Namibia …

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